Project Weekend

This weekend has been all about getting things done. I’ve been procrastinating on a few projects in varying stages of completion. And now? Well, I still have a few. But less than yesterday! One project in particular has been on pause for a year and a half, but it’s now complete. I finally have a headboard.

I was inspired by a post I found on Pinterest about spray painting rubber floor mats to use as wall art. It’s a super easy project (even for me) with a cute and colourful result.

I gathered 3 cheapo rubber floor mats from Zellers at $10 a piece. I found cuter ones elsewhere, but they ranged from $15 to $20, and I had set a $50 budget total. I also picked up a couple cans of Krylon Spray Paint in Blue Ocean Breeze. I grabbed a few nails from my tool box, an empty egg carton, and some newspaper to protect the floor from the spray paint. That’s everything I needed for this project.

Step 1: Spray paint the mats.

My memory is foggy as this part was done a long time ago, so I can’t remember how many coats it took to cover the mats completely. I’m pretty sure I used up both cans of paint.

Spray paint the mats.

Step 2: Spray paint the nails.

The nails won’t be hidden when the mats are affixed to the wall. It probably won’t be very noticeable, but why not spray paint the nails anyway? This is where the egg carton comes in handy.

Step 2

Step 3: Hang the mats.

That’s it. Easy peasy. Have a look at one of the painted mats – cute, right?

Finished mat

The finished product. By the way, this Krylon colour looks completely different depending on the lighting. It might be a good idea to spray paint a small piece of cardboard or something and place it in the spot where the mat will hang to ensure it’s the colour you actually want. The difference between the photos above and below is not a trick of the camera. Luckily, I prefer the mint to the aqua. Now I just need sheets that match the mint.

Finished headboard