Dartmouth Cash Mob!

Have you ever attended a cash mob? I have. It’s an incredible experience. A mob of customers descends on an unsuspecting shop owner, each with a commitment to spend a minimum amount of cash. For the shop owner, it means so much: an unexpected influx of cash, a feeling of belonging in a community, and the added benefit of word of mouth business that will likely continue long past cash mob day. I can tell you first-hand – being a part of this type of movement is very special. Now’s your chance to get involved! Downtown Dartmouth is planning a cash mob for Saturday, September 1st at Fisher’s Stationary on Portland Street, Dartmouth.

Here are the deets, straight from Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission.

“Fisher’s Stationary has been on Portland Street in downtown Dartmouth for over 50 years, and many people remember it as the place they got their school supplies. Mrs. Fisher has stayed in business and continued to believe in Downtown Dartmouth. This is a great way for the community to thank her.” said Tim Rissesco, Executive Director of the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission.

Everyone interested in participated is asked to meet at the Alderney Farmer’s Market at 10:45 am and to bring $10.00 to spend. The participants will leave Alderney Market and arrive at Fisher’s Stationary at 11:00 am.

Downtown Dartmouth will have prizes and give aways for everyone that participates in the Cash Mob and invites everyone to enjoy lunch in downtown Dartmouth and explore the other shops and services.

Follow @DT_Dartmouth on Twitter or like Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission on Facebook for more information. Be sure to keep your eye on the event hashtag: #DTDCashMob.


Things I Miss About Living in Downtown Dartmouth

For just over two memorable years, I lived in a character-filled cross section of ‘flower’ and ‘tree’ streets in Downtown Dartmouth. How could you not love living in a neighborhood surrounded by streets with names like Tulip, Dahlia, Maple, Pine, Beech, Thistle, Rose, and Myrtle? It’s my favourite area of HRM, and I hope to live there again.

For one, it’s perfect walking distance to so many awesome places. It’s just a short jaunt to lovely Sullivan’s Pond. I’ve spent many a sunny day there, playing frisbee, reading on a bench or blanket, or strolling from lilac bush to lilac bush. The smell of lilacs is my jam, and there’s no shortage here.

Sullivan's Pond

Birch Cove Beach on Lake Banook was my go-to spot after work on sunny summer afternoons for a quick swim and perhaps a fun game of water frisbee with a friend.

Saturday mornings often found me at the Alderney Farmer’s Market to leisurely browse the offerings and maybe treat myself to a pair of earrings, a brownie, fresh blueberries or whatever delights were up for grabs. A boutique NSLC shop is conveniently located here too, so often occasionally a bottle of wine was my treat of choice. Saturday evenings (and many weekday evenings too) were spent with good friends raising a glass at Celtic Corner. A cold beer and Maple Curry Chicken Penne will turn your day right around – guaranteed.

Sunday mornings used to be all about Ducky’s brunch. Sadly, Ducky’s on the Waterfront is no more, but Downtown Dartmouth brunch options have expanded since I moved out of the downtown area. Both MacAskill’s and Nectar serve delicious (and reasonably-priced) weekend brunch. Expect a post dedicated solely to Dartmouth brunch options in the near future – it is a topic near and dear to my heart.

Two if by Sea came on the scene just after my departure, but no post about Downtown Dartmouth is complete without mentioning this champion of the area. It almost hurts to think this amazing cafe with the best cappuccino in the city is a mere 3 minute walk from my former Downtown Dartmouth abode.

And as Haligonians like to point out, Downtown Dartmouth has an amazing view of… well… Halifax. I’m no Halifax hater (I heart you too, Halifax!), but I will admit to cringing when I hear this listed as Dartmouth’s best feature. It is, however,  quite an amazing feature.

I’ve only scratched the surface of my charming former Downtown Dartmouth neighborhood. I’ll come up with another post at some point to shine a spotlight on some of the lesser-known delights of this part of town. In the meantime, check out the recently revamped Downtown Dartmouth web presence.