ABCs of Summer

I read a Hello Giggles post recently that featured The Single Girl’s Totally Do-able Summer Bucket List. The last item on the list intrigues me: “Go somewhere for each letter of the alphabet.”

I like this idea a lot. In fact, this will be my new spring/summer project. Perhaps “have an experience” for each letter of the alphabet is a more attainable goal; it could include anything from going to a Concert to eating a Popsicle to building a Sandcastle.

Now, the fun part. Creating my list. I’ve come up with an idea for every letter, but this will be a completely fluid list. If I decide halfway through summer that Popsicle should be Picnic, so be it. It’s not about checking things off a list. All that matters is having a fun summer with at least 26 memorable moments to savour.


The List

Art. I will embrace all opportunities to experience art, but more specifically, I will visit at least one new art gallery. Perhaps Dart Gallery?

Beach. I will be spending most of my 10-day summer vacation on Port Hood Beach, as long as the sun gods permit. But I hope to get out for a few more beach days in/near the city this summer too.

Cocktails. I want to go out specifically for cocktails at least once this summer. It’s so easy to stick with my usual wine, cider or patio beer when I go out, but I do love a good cocktail.

Day trip. I try to venture out for at least one day trip within Nova Scotia each spring/summer. I’m not sure where I’ll go this time, but I’d like to head somewhere new.

Explore. Take a different path than usual on one of my Shubie Park walks. Explore a local neighbourhood I never visit. Get out of the car on a day trip and go for a walk, not just through the main street of a community, but beyond.

Festivals. I attend a few festivals every summer, so this won’t be difficult. I’ll try to hit up as many as I can, including Chestico Days (Port Hood), Greek Fest, Multicultural Festival, and Halifax Jazz Festival.

Ghost Walk. I’ve never done it.

Hot Fudge Sundae. An opportunity to be completely indulgent.

Indian food. Okay, admission time. I’ve never really had authentic Indian cuisine. I mean, I’ve had a taste here and there, like Samosas. But that obviously doesn’t cut it. I’m not sure what’s holding me back because I enjoy most other ethnic cuisines. I think maybe I’m overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. I definitely need to do this with folks who know their Indian food so they can hold my hand through this. Who’s in?

Jazz. I have tickets to one Jazz Festival concert so far, and hope to attend at least one or two more.

Kites. My friend Kirk and I have a tradition of flying kites on Citadel Hill every couple of years. Maybe this year we’ll try somewhere new, like a beach.

Lobster. It could be freshly caught along the shores of Port Hood and served with my mom’s potato salad. It could be a Lobster Benny from Saege. It could be any number of lobster dishes from local restaurants. It could be ALL OF THESE THINGS.

Movie. As in the outdoor variety. Whether it’s alFresco Film Festo (yes, I know they changed the name but I like this one better so suck it), Open Aire, a drive-in or someone’s backyard, I want to enjoy at least one fresh air film.

Niche. I know absolutely nothing about soccer, but I hope to participate in a soccer pool with friends this year. And I hear Niche is the best place to watch soccer in the city. So I will watch a soccer match at Niche.

Oxford. I love going to movies at the Oxford and don’t do it often enough. I will see at least one movie here this spring/summer.

Popsicle. Simple. Summer on a stick.

Quizzes. I will unabashedly take all the Buzzfeed quizzes I want this summer. But I won’t share my results. Unless they’re awesome.

Rocky’s. Rocky’s Filipino BBQ inspired the Summer of Streetmeat, and I will need my summer fix.

Sandcastle. I haven’t built one since I was a kid.

Tree. Find a tree. Sit under the tree. Read a book under the tree.

Ukulele. Okay, this is a bit of a stretch. I got stumped by the U. It would be hilarious and awesome to own a ukulele, but unless one of you wants to unload one for free or very little coin, this probably won’t happen. I may come up with a different U idea later on. Any ideas? Put ’em in the comments.

Volunteer. The last time I volunteered was the Word on the Street Festival a couple years back. I shouldn’t let that much time go by without giving back to the community.

Water Fight. An epic water battle broke out last summer at an annual summer getaway with friends and their families, and I was not prepared. Won’t happen again. I need to invest in a Super Soaker or similar. Maybe a large tub of water balloons too.

X Marks the Spot. I thought it would be a struggle to come up with an X. But it came to me right away. Oak Island and its famous treasure hunt! I’ve never been. So technically I could take care of D and X in one fell swoop, but I’m sure I can manage more than one day trip this summer.

Yogurt. As in the frozen variety. My friend Lindsay and I have pledged a series of themed summer adventures over the last couple of years. Remember Summer of Street Meat? Well, this summer, we’ve pledged to try every single Froyo joint in Halifax. It will be a tasty adventure indeed.

Zoo. I mean, there’s only so much you can do with a Z.